Change society by design

Needless to say, societies are formed by design and have changed by obtaining new form. Variety of yearly events and festivals in Japan such as Hina-no-sekku or the Girls’ Festival and Gogatsu-no-sekku or the Boys’ Festival has unique and different forms all over Japan. Each form has its own meaning and has been designed by putting people’s heart. Who designed? No one knows and it even does not matter. Rather, these festivals have been endeared and handed down for centuries until today because these are created spontaneously.

From townscape to grounds of shrine or footpath between rice fields, everything were carefully designed and maintained by local people. Form of confectionary, arrangement of food on dishes, signboards, typeface of menus, and more were elaborated. You can see thoughtfulness in design of these things.

Moreover, there is a reason why various industrial arts were initiated all over Japan. Bamboo work, such as ribs of fan, was developed where good bamboo grows. An industry of drawers made of paulownia wood was developed adjoining to a major source of pongee fabric. Blacksmith’s shops gathered at place where forestry was prosperous. This did not happen by chance; rather it started by someone who realized it. The promotion of new industry policy represented in summer orange in Chōshū Domain, old name of Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a good example that designed industry.

Society changes by design that gives a form to ideas. Some activities are already initiated by using power of design that shapes societies and communities, which create values and contribute to earthquake disaster reconstruction and job creation in the developing countries.