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Ask the Animals: Animal SDGs – Japan & Australia Edition (English Edition)

Authors :
Fumikazu Masuda
Ian Tsutsui

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Publisher ‎: Nurue (May 15, 2024)
Publication date : ‎May 15, 2024
Language : English
Book overview
Human-centered thinking has reached its limits.

Studies have shown that the mammals on the earth are 34% humans, 62% livestock, and 4% wild animals by weight. Humans and livestock together account for 94%! Meanwhile, the world continues to deteriorate due to climate change, conflicts, and wars, and it is difficult to envision a bright future. Scientists and environmental activists only lament “the reality that humanity is destroying itself as a result of technological innovation and economic growth,” with no clues for improvement in sight. “We can no longer leave it to humans (adults) alone!” The animals speak out to all humans, from children to adults.

“Now as the global environment has been shaken up and has become a major threat to humans, we have finally realized that there are animals that have already been forced into a corner for a long time. Now is the time to include the 18th goal, which is missing from the current SDGs: to make their voices heard and create a prosperous future for humans as well. If we look at the 17 goals of the SDGs from the eyes of various animals that make up the earth’s biosphere, a different landscape emerges.